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Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies

Victoria University in the University of Toronto


CRRS Fellows

Dr. Marvin Lee Anderson (University of Toronto, History)

“Exile, Expulsion, and Religious Refugees in the Early Modern World”

Dr. Catherine Bates (University of Warwick, UK, English)

“Perversion in Arcadia”

Dr. Meredith Beales (Washington University in St. Louis, English)

“Imagining British Antiquity on the Early Modern London Stage”

Dr. Kenneth Borris (McGill, English)

Spenser and Early Modern Literary Platonism”

Dr. Trevor Cook (Trent, English)

“Collaborative Authorship in Early Modern England”

Dr. Meredith Donaldson Clark

Monumentality and the Writing of Nationhood in Early Modern England”

Dr. Christine Ekholst (University of Guelph, History)

Dr. Erin Ellerbeck (University of Victoria, English)

Dr. David Gugel (University of Toronto, Medieval Studies)

“Aristocratic Adolescents and Squires in the Later Middle Ages and Early Modern Period”

Dr. Joanne Granata (University of Toronto, Italian Studies)

“Rossi’s Women: Understanding the Representation of Female Characters in Francesco Antonio Rossi’s Capriccio

Dr. Peter Hughes

Translation and analysis of: Michael Servetus, De Trinitatis erroribus (1531); Servetus, Christianismi restitutio (1553); Sozzini, Brevis explicatio (c. 1560)

Dr. Rosalind Kerr (Emeritus, Alberta, Drama)

A translated and edited edition of Scala’s Il finto marito (1618)

Dr. Hyun-Ah Kim (Trinity College, University of Toronto)

Musica Humana: Singing in Renaissance Platonism”

Dr. Milton Kooistra (Redeemer University College, History)

“The Correspondence of Wolfgang Capito, Volume 4 (1536-1541)”

Dr. David Lawrence (Glendon College, York U, History)

“Urban Militarism and Civic Military Performance in Provincial English Towns, 1620-1642”

Dr. Isabelle Lecocq (Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, Brussels, Art History)

“Artistic Invention and Material Resistance: Peter Coeck’s Stained Glass Windows for Herkenrode Abbey”

Dr. Joanna Ludwikowska (Adam Mickiewicz University, English)

“Crime and Punishment: Aspects of Otherness and traces of late medieval religiosity in the literature of seventeenth century Puritan communities in England and America”

Dr. Nicole Lyon (University of Cincinnati, History)

“Changing Time(s): Perceiving and Experiencing the Calendar Year in Early Modern Germany”

Dr. Livia Martinelli 

The CRRS’ heritage book collection, and the history of manufacturing, preservation, damage and restoration of heritage paper-works

Dr. Emiro Martinez-Osorio (York University, Languages, Literatures and Linguistics)

“Juan de Castellanos’ “Elegy XIV”: Poetic and Political Dissent in Early Colonial Spanish America”

Carolyn Mensing (Queen’s University,  Art History)

“Artistic Exchange in the Age of Discovery: Early Netherlandish Painting in Portugal during the reign of King Manuel I (1495-1521)”

Dr. Steven Minuk (Oxford University, English)

“The Revolution of Satire: 1590-1735”

Dawid Nowakowski (Institute of Philosophy, University of Lodz, Poland)

“Summa of the Erasmus’ Philosophy. ‘Ecclesiastes’ as a Christian Project of Education”

Dr. Erin Peters (University of Gloucestershire, History)

“Commemoration and Oblivion in Royalist Print Culture, 1658-1667)”

Dr. Richard Raiswell (University of Prince Edward Island, History)

The Devil in the Middle Ages: A Reader

Dr. Dylan Reid (University of Toronto)

“Literary Associations and Civic Corporate Culture in Medieval and Early Modern Europe”

Dr. Colin Rose (Brock University, History)

“Homicide in Seventeenth Century Italy”

Dr. Rolf Strom-Olsen (IE Business School in Madrid, Centre for Humanities)

“Narrative, Spectacle and Politics in Late Medieval Burgundy”

Jennifer Strtak (University of Cambridge, History)

“Court Culture in Late Renaissance Scotland”

Dr. Elizabeth Ferguson (University of Toronto, History)

“Catholic Devotion and the World of Early Modern English Book Culture”


Distinguished Senior Fellows

James Estes (Emeritus, Toronto, History)
Church and state in the thought of the German Reformers; the correspondence of Erasmus

John McClelland (Emeritus, Toronto, French)
Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance Sport; Rabelais and Montaigne; Rhetorical and Textual Criticism.

Germaine Warkentin (Emeritus, Toronto, English)
Petrarch; the Sidney family 1552-1743; book history 1300-1800; Canada before 1759