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Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies

Victoria University in the University of Toronto


CRRS Fellows 2017-2018

Dr. Marvin Lee Anderson (University of Toronto, History)

“Exile, Expulsion, and Religious Refugees in the Early Modern World”

Dr. Alyssa Abraham (Queen’s University, Department of Art)

“The Reception of Correggio’s Two Altarpieces for Modena in their Confraternity Settings”

Dr. Carolyn Mensing (Queen’s University, Department of Art)

“Artistic Exchange in the Age of Discovery: Early Netherlandish Painting in Portugal during the reign of King Manuel I (1495-1521)”

Dr. Cathleen McKague (Queen’s University, Department of English Language and Literature)

“‘To explore strange new worlds’: Shakespeare’s The Tempest Reimagined in Star Trek: The Next Generation’s ‘Emergence'”

Dr. David Lawrence (York University, Glendon College; Department of History)

“England’s Merchant Soldiers: Civic Militarism and Military Performance in the Early Modern Stuart Period”

Dr. Dylan Reid (University of Toronto, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies)

“David Ferrand at the Puy of Rouen: Patois Poetry and Provincial Culture”

Dr. Elizabeth Ferguson (University of Toronto, Department of History)

“Catholic Devotion and the World of Early Modern English Book Culture”

Dr. Emiro Martinez-Osorio (York University; Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics)

“Juan de Castellanos’ “Elegy XIV”: Poetic and Political Dissent in Early Colonial Spanish America”

Dr. Guita Lameschi (University of Toronto, Department of Art)

“Beyond the Frame: Images of Vegetal Nature Across the Arts in Northern Renaissance Europe”

Dr. Hyun-Ah Kim (University of Toronto, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies)

“Music as Sacred Rhetoric in the Reformation: The Humanist Tradition and its Aftermath”

Dr. Joanna Ludwikowska (University of Toronto, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies)

“Aspects of Otherness and traces of late medieval religiosity in the literature of seventeenth century Puritan communities in England and America”

Dr. Joshua McEvilla (University of Toronto, Department of Book & Media Studies)

“Richard Brome in Print: Case Studies of an Atypical Caroline Dramatist”

Dr. Justine Walden (University of Toronto, Department of History)

“Humanist History Revisited”

Dr. Karine Tsoumis (Gardiner Museum, Curator)

“Trade, Art and Travel in Renaissance Italy”

Dr. Kenneth Borris (McGill University, Department of English)

“Spenser and Literary Platonism in Early Modern Europe”

Dr. Marvin Anderson (University of Toronto, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies)

“Exile, Expulsion, and Religious Refugees in the Early Modern Era”

Dr. Masoumeh Soleymani (University of Sahid Beheshti, Department of Philosophy)

“Ficino, Avicenna, and the Reception of Islamic Theories on Prophecy in Renaissance Italy”

Dr. Meredith Beales (University of British Columbia, Department of English)

“Imagining British Antiquity on the Shakespearean Stage”

Dr. Meredith Donaldson-Clark (University of Toronto, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies)

“Monumentality and the Writing of Nationhood in Early Modern England”

Dr. Milton Kooistra (University of Toronto, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies)

“The Correspondence of Wolfgang Capito: Volume 4 (1536-1541)”

Dr. Myron McShane (University of Toronto, Department of French)

“Old Worlds Made New: A French Renaissance Commentary on Ancient Geographical Poetry”

Dr. Peter Hughes (University of Toronto, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies)

“Michael Servetus: Biography and Translation of His Works”

Dr. Richard Raiswell (University of Prince Edward Island, Department of History)

“The Devil in Medieval Society: A Reader”

Dr. Robin Sutherland-Harris (University of Toronto, Centre for Medieval Studies)

“A Document Alone? One Sixteenth-Century Charter in its Historical and Archival Context”

Dr. Rolf Strom-Olsen (IE Business School in Madrid, Centre for Humanities)

“Narrative and Ritual Discourses of Power in Late Medieval Burgundy”

Dr. Rosalind Kerr (University of Alberta, Drama)

“Questions on the Legitimation of Commedia dell’arte as an Art Form”

Dr. Roseen Giles (University of Toronto, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies)

“Taste and Cultural Exchange in Seventeenth-Century Italy: Music and the Poetry of Giambattista Marino, 1602–1640”

Dr. Sarah Prodan (Harvard University, Department of History)

“Spiritual Women Poets of Early Modern Italy: Sacred Reading, Religious Writing and Identity”

Dr. Trevor Cook (Trent University, Department of English)

“To Each His Own: Coauthorial Propriety in The Two Noble Kinsmen

Dr. William Barker (Dalhousie University, Department of English)

“Erasmus, A Biography”

Tatevik Vika Nersisyan (Queen’s University, Department of English)

“Discursive Communities in English Prose Fiction and Books”

Distinguished Senior Fellows

James Estes (Emeritus, Toronto, History)
Church and state in the thought of the German Reformers; the correspondence of Erasmus

John McClelland (Emeritus, Toronto, French)
Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance Sport; Rabelais and Montaigne; Rhetorical and Textual Criticism.

Germaine Warkentin (Emeritus, Toronto, English)
Petrarch; the Sidney family 1552-1743; book history 1300-1800; Canada before 1759

Fellow Publications

Joshua McEvilla has published a new journal article in The Library Volume 18, Issue 3, published by Oxford Academic (1 September 2017, Pages 337-344). The following is a description of the publication:

Abstract: This bibliographical note demonstrates that The Wits Interpreter, The English Parnassus, one of the earliest English drolleries, was not compiled by John Cotgrave, the well-known compiler of The English Treasury of Wit and Language, but by John Cragge, a little-regarded clergyman, known primarily for a series of pre-Civil War pamphlets and post-Civil War non-conformist religious tracts. This note helps to recognize the diversity of persons with a vested interest in the preservation of drama during the long period of the 1642–1660 playhouse closures.

View Table of Contents for the entire issue: Volume 18, Issue 3