CRRS Fellows

David Adkins (Northwest Nazarene University)

“Christian Mythology in English Poetry after the Reformation”

Dr. Marvin Anderson (University of Toronto)

Exile, Expulsion, and Religious Refugees in the Early Modern Era

Dr. William Barker (University of King’s College, Halifax)

The Colloquies of Erasmus; Edition of William Baldwin’s Beware the Cat

Prof. Brian Bitar (University of Toronto)

Hobbes’s Psychology and the Origins of the Modern Concept of Power

Prof. Kenneth Borris (McGill University)

“Spenser, Sidney, and Early Modern Verbal-Visual Poetics”

Joel Faber (University of Toronto, Scarborough)

“Figuring a Different Friend: Alternatives to Amicitia for Women’s Friendship in Early Modern England”

Jonathan Hart (University of Toronto)

“Shakespeare, Language and Colonization”

Dr. Tiffany Hoffman

“Performing Shyness: Religion, Masculinity, and Emotion on the Shakespearean Stage”

Dr. Peter Hughes 

“Michael Servetus: Biography and Translation of His Works”

Agnes Juhasz-Ormsby (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

“Early Sixteenth-Century Sammelbandë of Erasmus’ Educational Works”

Dr. David Lawrence (Glendon College, York University and University of Guelph)

England’s Merchant Soldiers: Civic Militarism and Military Performance in the Early Stuart Period

Emiro Martinez Osorio 

“Sutatausa: An Indigenous Community in the Northern Andes, 1550 – 1650”

Dr. Vanessa McCarthy (University of Toronto)

Male Clients and Female Prostitution in Early Modern Bologna

Dr. Joshua McEvilla (University of Toronto)

The First Quotation Book of English Drama: Finding the Readers of John Cotgrave’s The English Treasury of Wit and Language (1655)

Myron McShane

Reframing Worlds: Translating Travel Literature and Early Modern Print Culture.

Joanna Miles

“The Fortunes of Sin: The Seven Deadly Sins and Affect in Late Medieval and Early Modern Protestant England”

Dr. Bernice Mittertreiner Neal (York University)

“Early English Riot Girls: Dancing in the Archives”

Dr. Richard Raiswell (University of Prince Edward Island)

The Devil During the Early European Reconnaissance

Dylan Reid (CRRS)

“Perceptions of Cities in Early Modern Europe”

Erica Rummel (Wilfrid Laurier University and University of Toronto (retired))

(a) Final preparation of an annotated translation of Epistolae Virorum Obscurorum;
(b) Erasmus, Hutten, and Reuchlin: In League Against the Scholastic Obscurantists.

Dr. Rachel F. Stapleton (Victoria College, University of Toronto)

The Humanist Letters of Luisa Sigea (ca. 1522–1560)

Dr. Lauren Weindling 

The Siren Song of Romance

Dr. Jude Welburn (University of Toronto)

“The Bounds of Human Empire: Paradise and Utopia in Early Modern England”

Prof. Deanne Williams (York University)

“Shakespeare and Diasporic Book History in Spain and Portugal”

Jacqueline Wylde (SSHRC Postdoc Fellow, St. Francis Xavier University)

“Hearing the Metrical Psalms: Sites of Imagination (1562-1665)”

Dr. Noa Yaari (York University)

“Image-Text Relationships at the CRRS Library”