Governance and Committees

The senior governing body of the CRRS is its Managing Committee. This body is primarily concerned with authorizing policy and receiving reports from the CRRS Executive, that is, the Director, Assistant to the Director, and the Chairs of its three sub-committees. In addition to the Executive, the Managing Committee includes ex-officio and advisory members who together broadly represent the interests of the academic community served by the CRRS. The committee meets once each term.

The Managing Committee has four sub-committees, the Academic Programs, Library, Programs, and Publications committees. These sub-committees recommend policy to the Managing Committee for approval. They also plan and monitor activities according to their mandates. Their membership includes individuals with appropriate expertise in addition to representatives from the CRRS Executive. The sub-committees meet once each term.

The CRRS Executive and staff assume responsibility for implementing the plans of the sub-committees and managing the day to day life of the CRRS. To assist in these endeavors, the Director has formed a Technology Working Group. The Executive meets monthly.


Matt Kavaler (Art), Director
Natalie Oeltjen, Assistant to the Director
Paul Cohen (History, Centre for the Study of France and the Francophone World)
Konrad Eisenbichler (Renaissance Studies), Chair of Library Committee
Manuela Scarci (Italian Studies), Chair of Academic Programs  Committee
Katherine Larson (English)
Jordana Lobo-Pires (English)
Giancarla Periti (Art History)
Misha Teramura (English)
Andrea Walkden (English)
Tamara Walker (History)
Deanne Williams (English, York University)

Academic Programs

Manuela Scarci (Italian Studies), Chair
Kenneth Bartlett (Renaissance Studies)
Kon​r​ad Eisenbichler (Renaissance Studies)
Matt Kavaler (Art), Director
Natalie Oeltjen, Assistant to the Director
Shaun Ross (English)
Rachel Stapleton (Comparative Literature)
Nicholas Terpstra (History)
Andrea Walkden (English)


Konrad Eisenbichler, Chair (Renaissance Studies)
Marvin Anderson (Toronto School of Theology)
Pearce Carefoote (Librarian, Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library)
Greti Dinkova-Bruun (Head Librarian, Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies Library)
Matt Kavaler (Art), Director
Dustin Meyer (English)
Natalie Oeltjen, Assistant to the Director
Antonio Ricci (Italian, York University)
Lisa Sherlock (Chief Librarian at Victoria University Library)


Matt Kavaler (Art), Director and Chair of Programs Committee
Paul Cohen (History)
Lucia Dacome (Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology)
Joanna Ludwikowska (English)
Lynne Magnusson (English)
Natalie Oeltjen, Assistant to the Director
Jean-Olivier Richard (Christianity and Culture, St. Michael’s College)
John Rogers (English)
Manuela Scarci (Italian Studies)
Rachel Stapleton (Comparative Literature)
Paul Stevens (English)
Nicholas Terpstra (History)


Matt Kavaler (Art), Director, Chair of Publications Committee
​William Bowen (Humanities), Founding Director, Iter
Konrad Eisenbichler (Renaissance Studies), Series Editor, Essays & Studies and Texts in Translation
Joseph Khoury (English, St. Francis Xavier University), Series Editor, Tudor and Stuart Texts
Noam Lior (Drama), Publications Assistant
Mary Nyquist (English)
Natalie Oeltjen, Assistant to the Director