CRRS Fellowships

The CRRS offers a limited number of non-stipendary fellowships to scholars who are visiting or reside in the Toronto area, and who wish to make sustained use of the Centre’s library and resources. Fellowships include membership in the Victoria University Senior Common Room and access to other University of Toronto libraries and electronic resources. The CRRS welcomes inquiries from individuals who are interested in holding their SSHRC or other postdoctoral fellowships at the Centre.

CRRS fellowships are intended in part to foster community at the Centre, so all fellows are expected to engage with their colleagues and events at CRRS, sharing their knowledge and research with other scholars and students.

Who may apply

Eligibility is usually restricted to faculty and other individuals who have completed their graduate training.  In exceptional circumstances the CRRS will consider applications from ABD doctoral candidates. Such applicants should contact the Assistant to the Director before making a formal application.

How to apply

Applications are due the day after Labour Day, and will be reviewed within one month after submission. Applications for CRRS non-stipendiary fellowships should be sent to the Assistant to the Director and should include the following:

  1. A covering email which includes the following information:
    – name, address, telephone number
    – academic affiliation (if applicable)
    – project title and whether it is intended for publication
    – period for which fellowship status is required (CRRS fellowships are granted for a maximum of one year, but scholars may apply for renewal)
  2. A .pdf attachment with a current curriculum vitae, a brief description of the research project to be undertaken at the Centre, and an account of the use it will make of CRRS library collection, including an annotated bibliography of 3-5 rare books and/or 5-10 modern sources). You may filter your searches in the UTL catalogue to books located at “Victoria University CRRS” (you can also filter by time period to view our early books), and you may search our rare book collection specifically here, where you will find some scans of selected volumes.
  3. Two letters of reference (addressed to the Director of the CRRS, Professor Ethan Matt Kavaler, and submitted directly by e-mail to

CRRS Fellows may reapply for a renewal on an annual basis, by submitting a covering email with updated information as well as a single .pdf attachment with an updated curriculum vitae and a brief (1 page) fellowship report that (1) outlines the progress made on the fellowship project and any new developments anticipated in the next academic year; (2) details the use made of the CRRS library and other fellowship resources, participation in CRRS activities, and any publications or papers resulting from your fellowship at CRRS; and (3) a sample short list of books that you will use at the CRRS library for your project research (3-5 rare books and/or 5-10 modern books).

Eisenbichler Fellowship

The Eisenbichler Fellowship is named in honour of Prof. Konrad Eisenbichler, a Renaissance scholar with a distinguished career and a desire to help others access the Centre’s community and resources.

The CRRS will normally grant two Eisenbichler Fellowships per year of up to $500 CAD each to scholars who have been granted CRRS fellowships and who are in need of financial assistance to cover travel costs to the Centre and/or living expenses while in residence.  This award is open to both fellows who have completed their PhDs and those who are ABD.

Scholars who wish to be considered for the Eisenbichler Fellowship should indicate this by completing an application for funding to be submitted with their fellowship application.  The Eisenbichler Fellowship application should include two documents: a letter indicating financial need and a brief budget.  Recipients of this award may use the funds to cover the following kinds of expenses generated by their visit to Toronto: travel, meals, and accommodations.  Original receipts must be submitted in order for a cheque to be issued.