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Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies

Victoria University in the University of Toronto


crrsThe Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies (CRRS) at Victoria University in the University of Toronto is a research and teaching centre with a library devoted to the study of the period from approximately 1350 to 1700. The CRRS supervises an undergraduate program in Renaissance Studies, organizes lectures and seminars, and maintains an active series of publications.

The CRRS library holds a collection of rare and modern books relating to virtually every aspect of the Renaissance and Reformation. The Centre‚Äôs rare books, most of which were printed before 1700, include a significant number of humanist editions of the classics as well as works in history, religion, theology, philosophy, language, and literature. The Centre’s modern books include a comprehensive collection of bibliographies, a large number of critical editions of the works of both major and minor authors, other printed sources (chronicles, letters, government documents), and an impressive array of relevant monographs and journals. In particular, the CRRS houses the Erasmus collection, one of the richest resources in North America for the study of works written or edited by the great Dutch humanist Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam.

In addition, the CRRS supervises the undergraduate program in Renaissance Studies at Victoria College, which offers Specialist, Major or Minor status; it organizes academic events, including several lecture series (faculty Friday Workshops and the Early Modern Interdisciplinary Graduate Forum); two special lectures per year (the fall Erasmus lecture and the spring Distiguished Visiting Scholar lectures), a yearly concert featuring early modern music, and a yearly interdisciplinary and international conference; it publishes several academic book series in the field of Renaissance and Reformation Studies: the Other Voice in Early Modern Europe, co-published with Iter; Essays & Studies; Texts in Translation; Tudor and Stuart.

The CRRS is governed by a part-time faculty Director and Associate Director from the University of Toronto and managed by a full-time Assistant to the Director. Administrative support for the Centre comes also from a part-time finance assistant, and the Centre offers many fellowship, employment and volunteer opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students who assist at the front desk of the library, with event planning, promotion and execution, and with the publications program. The CRRS Director reports to the Principal of Victoria College and is advised by a series of faculty committees, including one linked to each of the Centre’s primary activities: library collections, academic program, early modern events, scholarly publications. The Centre also offers a fellowship program to scholars requiring use of the CRRS library collection and wishing to participate in the Centre’s other activities.

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