CRRS Working Group: One or Many?

On the Unity and Diversity of Music, Art, and Poetry in the Early Modern World

‘All art,’ sayth Tullie, ‘that doe belong to humanitie, have a common band, and are ally’d one to another, as by a kind of parentage.’ Tertullian speaketh to the same effect, when he sayth; ‘there is no Art, but shee is the mother of another Art, or at least of a nigh kindred.’

Franciscus Junius, The Painting of the Ancients in Three Books I.iv (1638)

Our working group “One or Many? On the Unity and Diversity of Music, Art, and Poetry in the Early Modern Period” explores the hierarchical division of the arts, as well as integrative themes that highlight commonalities and interactions between the arts, using approaches from art history, musicology, and literary theory with reference to a wide range of genres and media including music, the pictorial and plastic arts, architecture, and poetry.

If you are interested in participating in this working group, please contact the organizers listed below.

Symposium — Friday, March 6

10:45AM – 5:30PM
Regent’s Room, Goldring Student Centre 206 (150 Charles Street West)
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Una D’Elia
Gregory Johnston


Samantha Chang
Angela Glover
Norm Klassen
Leslie Korrick
Anna Makolkin

Schedule of Meetings & Readings

Please note that a copy of all readings is available at the CRRS front desk.

Friday, September 27
9:30 – 11:30AM, Pratt 304

Presenter: Samantha Chang

1) Daniel Albright – “Introduction: Mousike; Comparative Arts: Two Conclusions” (In Panaesthetics: On the Unity and Diversity of the Arts [2014], 1–9 & 277–86)
2) Rensselaer W. Lee – “Introduction; I. Imitation; II. Invention; III. Expression” (In Ut pictura poesis: The Humanistic Theory of Painting [1967], 3–32)
3) Lara Yeager-Crasselt – “Michael Sweerts/François Duquesnoy: A Flemish Paragone in Seventeenth-Century Rome.” (Dutch Crossing 35.2 [2011]: 110–26)

Friday, October 18
9:30 – 11:30AM, Pratt 304

1) Yuheng Bao – “Chapter One: The Silent Poetry and the Invisible Painting: Su Shi’s Concept of the Relationship Between Painting and Theory” (In The Concept of the Relationship between Painting and Poetry [1999], 11–70)
2) José Miguel Puerta Vílchez – “The Arts in the Arab-Islamic Encyclopedia; The Arts in the Classification of Knowledge in the East; The Brethren of Purity’s Pythagorean Theory of Art” (In Aesthetics in Arabic Thought: From Pre-Islamic Arabia through al-Andalus [2017], 97–111 & 167–93)

Friday, November 8
9:30 – 11:30AM, Pratt 304

Presenter: Ethan Matt Kavaler

1) James V. Mirollo – “Bruegel’s Fall of Icarus and the Poets” (In The Eye of the Poet: Studies in the Reciprocity of the Visual and Literary Arts from the Renaissance to the Present [1996], 131–53)
2) Caecilie Weissert – “Ut pictura musica: Frans Floris and Chromatic Music” (Simiolus 40.4 [2018]: 270–91)
3) TBA

Friday, December 6
9:30 – 11:30AM, Pratt 304

Presenter: Angela Glover

1) Joris van Gastel, Yannis Hadjinicolaou, & Markus Rath – “Paragone as Comradeship” (In Paragone als Mitstreit [2014], 33–47)
2) Leatrice Mendelsohn – “The Due Lezzioni: 6 The Lectures and the Editio Princeps; 7 The First Lezzione” (In Paragoni: Benedetto Varchi’s Due Lezzioni and Cinquecento Art Theory [1982], 89–107)
3) TBA

Friday, January 17
9:30 – 11:30AM, Pratt 304

Presenters: Rosalind Kerr & Leslie Korrick

1) Alexandra Hoare – “Salvator Rosa’s Allegory of Philosophy as Ut Pictura Rhetorica: Eloquent Gesture and the Pursuit of Artistic Decorum” (Art History 36.5 [2013]: 944–67)
2) Leslie Korrick – “Vincenzo Galilei’s Re-Vision of Renaissance Tuning: Trading on Nature and Art” (In The Sounds and Sights of Performance in Medieval and Renaissance Music [2009], 123–49)
3) Elena Tamburini – “’Commedia dell’Arte’: An Enquiry and Some Incursions into the Meaning of This Term” (Acting Archives Review Supplement 15 [2012]: 1–35)

Friday, February 7
9:30 – 11:30AM, Pratt 304

Presenters: Elizabeth R. Mattison & Graham Sanders

1) Fu Shen – excepts from Six Records of a Life Adrift (2011):
Introduction, pp. viii–xv
Record One: Delights of Marriage, pp. 1–3; 8–11; 20–30.
Record Two: Charms of Idleness, pp. 45–48.
Record Three: Sorrows of Hardship, pp. 60; 71–72.
Record Four: Pleasures of Roaming, pp. 87; 93–95; 116; 123; 128.
Appendices, pp. 144–145.
** Please note: The PDF is a galley proof, containing revision notes, and is not meant for widespread circulation. For information on the published version, please see this link –
2) TBA
3) TBA