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Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies

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Standing Orders and Summer Sale for Libraries – Essays and Studies Series

To help your library acquire any missing volumes at a reasonable price and to ensure there be no future lacunae in the series, if your library sets up a standing order for future volumes (vol. 37 forward), we will apply a 50% discount (approx.) off the regular price on past volumes that your library does not currently own. If it does not wish to set up a standing order, we still wish to offer you the missing volumes at a discount, but this time of approximately 30%. We normally publish three to four volumes a year and the price for a single volume ranges from $25–$40 depending on the size of the volume. Thus neither the cover price of our future volumes nor the financial commitment you would be making in setting up a standing order is excessive.

The volumes in the series have received very favourable reviews in major North-American journals in our discipline—Renaissance Quarterly and Sixteenth Century Journal in particular—but also in some of the most important European journals such as Bibliothèque d’Humanisme et Renaissance, to mention just one. The roster of scholars who have authored or edited volumes in the series, or whose articles appear in these volumes, include many of the leading lights in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies from Canada, the USA, Europe, and Australia.

Here you will find a list of the 36 titles currently in the series, and you will note the variety of subjects, as well as the firm Renaissance focus of the series. You can obtain more information on the series and on its individual titles by visiting the series’ page.

For your convenience, you can fax, mail, or email this form to set up the standing order and to order missing volumes.

If you have any questions, please contact either the series editor, Konrad Eisenbichler, or our publications office.



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