Tudor and Stuart Texts

The Tudor and Stuart Texts series began in 1996 and is designed to provide accessible critical editions of English treatises that are not readily available to students and teachers. The series currently has four titles.


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Books in the series (by series number):

TS7: Kind-Heart’s Dream and Piers Plainness

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TS6: The Fables of Aesop

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TS5: The Martin Marprelate Press: A Documentary History

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TS4: The Queen’s Majesty’s Passage and Related Documents

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TS3: Early Stuart Pastoral: “The Shepherd’s Pipe” by William Browne and “The Shepherd’s Hunting” by George Wither

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TS2: The Trial of Nicholas Throckmorton

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TS1: The True Law of Free Monarchies and Basilikon Doron

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