The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe

The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe is a renowned series of texts, primarily by women, although a few are by men writing about women. The Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies and Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance co-published thirty-volumes. From July 2015, the series will be co-published by Iter and the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. All the volumes are critically edited and translated into modern English from Danish, Dutch, early English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

Series Editors: Margaret L. King (City University of New York) and Albert Rabil Jr. (State University of New York)
Series Editor, English Texts: Elizabeth H. Hageman (University of New Hampshire)

For more information about the Toronto Series volumes, click on the cover images below. To view the complete catalogue of The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe (the Chicago and Toronto Series) click here.


Hard copy editions are available for purchase by individuals and institutions. Contact the Chicago Distribution Center via email (, by fax (800-621-8476 or 773-702-7212), or by phone (800-621-2736 or 773-702-7000).

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Books in the Toronto Series (by series number):

OV35: Catherine de Medicis and Others, Portraits of the Queen Mother: Polemics, Panegyrics, Letters, ed. Leah L. Chang and Katherine Kong

OV34: Veronica Gambara, Complete Poems, ed. & trans. Molly M. Martin and Paola Ugolini

OV33: Jeanne Flore, Tales and Trials of Love. A Bilingual Edition and Study, ed. & trans. Kelly Digby Peebles with poems trans. Marta Rijn Finch

OV32: Lady Hester Pulter, Poems, Emblems, and The Unfortunate Florinda, ed. Alice Eardley

OV31: Jacques Du Bosc, L’Honnête Femme: The Respectable Woman in Society and the New Collection of Letters and Responses by Contemporary Women, ed. & trans. Sharon Diane Nell and Aurora Wolfgang

OV30: Russian Women Poets of the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries. A Bilingual Edition, ed. & trans. Amanda Ewington

OV29: The Life and Writings of Luisa de Carvajal y Mendoza, ed. & trans. Anne J. Cruz

OV28: The Poems and Letters of Tullia d’Aragona and Others. A Bilingual Edition, ed. & trans. Julia L. Hairston

OV27: Anne Killigrew, “My Rare Wit Killing Sin”: Poems of a Restoration Courtier, ed. Margaret J. M. Ezell

OV26: Katherine Austen, Book M: A London Widow’s Life Writings, ed. Pamela S. Hammons

OV25: Sophia of Hanover, Memoirs (1630-1680), ed. & trans. Sean Ward

OV24: Mary Astell, The Christian Religion, as Professed by a Daughter of the Church of England, ed. Jacqueline Broad

OV23: Pregnancy and Birth in Early Modern France: Treatises by Caring Physicians and Surgeons (1581-1625), ed. & trans. Valerie Worth-Stylianou

OV22: Barbara Torelli Benedetti, Partenia, a Pastoral Play. A Bilingual Edition, ed. & trans. Lisa Sampson and Barbara Burgess-Van Aken

OV21: Pere Torrellas and Juan de Flores, Three Spanish Querelle Texts: Grisel and Mirabella, The Slander against Women, and The Defense of Ladies against Slanderers. A Bilingual Edition and Study, ed. & trans. Emily C. Francomano

OV20: Arcangela Tarabotti, Letters Familiar and Formal, ed. & trans. Meredith K. Ray and Lynn Lara Westwater

OV19: Lady Margaret Douglas and Others, The Devonshire Manuscript: A Women’s Book of Courtly Poetry, ed. & intro. Elizabeth Heale

OV18: Cecilia del Nacimiento, Journeys of a Mystic Soul in Poetry and Prose, ed. & trans. Kevin Donnelly and Sandra Sider

OV17: Delarivier Manley and Mary Pix, English Women Staging Islam, 1696-1707, ed. & intro. Bernadette Andrea

OV16: Margherita Datini, Letters to Francesco Datini, ed. & trans. Carolyn James and Antonio Pagliaro

OV15: Lucrezia Marinella, Exhortations to Women and to Others if They Please, ed. & trans. Laura Benedetti

OV14: Elizabeth Cooke Hoby Russell, The Writings of an English Sappho, ed. Patricia Phillippy with Greek and Latin trans. Jaime Goodrich

OV13: Liubov Krichevskaya, No Good without Reward: Selected Writings. A Bilingual Edition, ed. & trans. Brian James Baer

OV12: Sister Giustina Niccolini, The Chronicle of Le Murate, ed. & trans. Saundra Weddle

OV11: In Dialogue with the Other Voice in Sixteenth-Century Italy: Literary and Social Contexts for Women’s Writing, ed. Julie D. Campbell and Maria Galli Stampino

OV10: Leibniz and the Two Sophies: The Philosophical Correspondence, ed. & trans. Lloyd Strickland

OV9: Enchanted Eloquence: Fairy Tales by Seventeenth-Century French Women Writers, ed. & trans. Lewis C. Seifert and Domna C. Stanton

OV8: Valeria Miani, Celinda, a Tragedy, ed. Valeria Finucci & trans. Julia Kisacky

OV7: Antonia Pulci, Saints’ Lives and Bible Stories for the Stage, ed. Elissa B. Weaver & trans. James Wyatt Cook

OV6: Pernette du Guillet, Complete Poems. A Bilingual Edition, ed. Karen Simroth James & trans. Marta Rijn Finch

OV5: Louise-Geneviève Gillot de Sainctonge, Dramatizing Dido, Circe, and Griselda, ed. & trans. Janet Levarie Smarr

OV4: Olivia Sabuco de Nantes Barrera, The True Medicine, ed. & trans. Gianna Pomata

OV3: Two Women of the Great Schism: “The Revelations of Constance de Rabastens” by Ramond de Sabanac and “Life of the Blessed Ursulina of Parma” by Simone Zanacchi, ed. & trans. Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski and Bruce L. Venarde

OV2: Giovan Battista Andreini, Love in the Mirror, ed. & trans. Jon R. Snyder

OV1: Madre María Rosa, Journey of Five Capuchin Nuns, ed. & trans. Sarah E. Owens