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Two CRRS Publications Win Awards from the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women (SSEMW)

It is with great pleasure that we announce that two of our recent publications have been awarded prizes by the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women:

vol_21_final.inddThe 2014 SSEMW Award for Best Translation was won by Emily C. Francomano for her translated edition of Three Spanish Querelle Texts: Grisel and Mirabella, The Slander against Women, and The Defense of Ladies against Slanderers by Pere Torrellas and Juan de Flores. A Bilingual Edition and Study (The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe: The Toronto Series, vol. 21).

“The committee particularly appreciated how making the English translations of these Spanish texts available will allow scholars in other language traditions to understand the cultural and literary context of these rich, influential texts, and to trace the ways that they were adapted as they crossed linguistic and cultural boundaries. And they appreciated how the complicated word play in these works makes translating these kinds of texts a serious challenge, one you met with grace and skill. The translations preserve the style and syntax of the originals, yet remain admirably clear. This edition will no doubt attract a wide and grateful readership.” — SSEMW award committee.


vol_23_final.inddThe 2014 SSEMW Best Teaching Edition in the Field of Gender and Women’s Studies was won by Valerie Worth-Stylianou for her translated edition of François Rousset, Jean Liebault, Jacques Guillemeau, Jacques Duval and Louis de Serres’ Pregnancy and Birth in Early Modern France: Treatises by Caring Physicians and Surgeons (1581-1625) (The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe: The Toronto Series, vol. 23).

The committee particularly appreciated the way this collection is framed to appeal to students of several fields.  Ample and well-judged footnotes clarify textual, cultural, and historical context, and glossaries at the back cover medical authorities, medical terms, and herbal remedies, while the translation is clear and evocative of early modern French. This collection should encourage a broad audience of students, scholars, and curious readers to read these previously inaccessible works.” –SSEMW award committee.



Our hearty congratulations to the editors!

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