Canada Milton Seminar XV


Milton’s Shakespeare
Sovereignty and Disaster
Homeric Rites
Race and Colonialism


Katherine Acheson (U. of Waterloo)
Urvashi Chakravarty (U. of Toronto)
Maggie Kilgour (McGill U.)
Sarah Knight (U. of Leicester)
David Loewenstein (Penn State U.)
Su Fang Ng (Virginia Tech U.)
Nicholas McDowell (U. of Exeter)
Mary Nyquist (U. of Toronto)
Jason Peters (Booth College, Winnipeg)
William Poole (New College, Oxford)
Yulia Ryzhik (U. of Toronto)
Shaun Ross (U. of Toronto)
Nicholas von Maltzahn (U. of Ottawa)
Andrea Walkden (U. of Toronto)
Reginald Wilburn (U. of New Hampshire)
Jessica Wolfe (UNC Chapel Hill)

The Canada Milton Seminar XV is an online gathering of international scholars, presented by the Centre for Renaissance and Reformation Studies with the Department of English and the Canada Research Chair Program.

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