Canada Milton Seminar XI


The Canada Milton Seminar XI will take place 13-14 May 2016 at the University of Toronto.


Alumni Hall, Old Victoria College

University of Toronto

Friday / Saturday 13-14 May 2016


Seminar / Campus Map

Accommodation and City Information


Friday 13 May 

3:30 p.m.                   Coffee and Registration, Victoria College Foyer

4-4:15 p.m.               Welcome and Opening Remarks Alumni Hall

      Angela Esterhammer (Principal, Victoria College, University of Toronto)

      Paul Stevens (University of Toronto)

SESSION I: PLENARY                                                                    Alumni Hall

4:15– 5:30 p.m.        Rachel Trubowitz (U of New Hampshire)

“Milton‟s Chaos and the Vacuist-Plenist Controversy”

       Chair: Katie Larson (U of Toronto)

5:30 – 6:30 p.m.     Wine and Cheese Reception

     Location: College Foyer

Saturday 14 May 

10 a.m.                      Coffee and Registration

                          Old Victoria College Foyer

10:25 a.m.                Welcome

                         Matt Kavaler (Director, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, University of Toronto)

SESSION II: PLENARY                                                                Alumni Hall

10:30-11:45 a.m.        David Norbrook (Merton College, Oxford)

“Lucy Hutchinson, Milton, and the Writing of Theology”

        Chair: Mary Nyquist (U of Toronto)

SESSION III: PLENARY                                                                Alumni Hall

12 – 1: 15 p.m.        Thomas H. Luxon (Dartmouth College)

“Heroic Restorations: Milton and Dryden”

     Chair: Nicholas von Maltzahn (U of Ottawa)

1:15-2 p.m.               Lunch


2-3:30 p.m.         (A) Old Victoria College Room 101

David Ainsworth (U of Alabama, Tuscaloosa)

“Heavenly Harmony and the Holy Spirit”

Erin Webster (Birkbeck College, London)

“New Worlds and Moon Worlds in Paradise Lost?”

Chair: John Leonard (U of Western Ontario)

         (B) Old Victoria College Room 115

Alison Chapman (U of Alabama, Birmingham)

“ ‘Justice in Thir owne Hands’: Milton’s Views on the Jury”

Ryan Hackenbracht (Texas Tech U)

“Patriotic Milton? Eschatology and the New Epic Subject in Paradise Regain’d.”

                             Chair: Kenneth Graham (U of Waterloo)

3:30-45 p.m.       Coffee break

Old Victoria College Foyer

SESSION V: PLENARY                                                                 Alumni Hall

3:45-4:45 p.m.    Dayton Haskin (Boston College)

“Milton in the Tomb of Dead Languages”

Chair: Maggie Kilgour (McGill U)

4:45-5 p.m.          Closing Remarks: Paul Stevens

5:30-6:30 p.m.     Cash Bar, SCR, Massey College

6:30 p.m.     Banquet, Upper Library, Massey College

A PDF of the program can be found here.

Accommodations information can be found here.