Musicians in Ordinary: Shakespeare’s Lives of Girls and Women

Heliconian Hall 35 Hazelton Ave, Toronto, Canada

Running the gamut from the naughty to the tragic, the young women in the plays are never far from a lute. (Ophelia carries one; Katharina breaks one over her tutor’s head.) Love, loss and often justifiable haughtiness of the older women (in the great ladies and in the lute songs praising Elizabeth) are all considered […]

Musicians in Ordinary: Shakespeare’s Saints and Sinners

Heliconian Hall 35 Hazelton Ave, Toronto, Canada

‘More needs she the divine than the physician,’ says the doctor brought in to minister to Lady Macbeth. There was little difference for the Jacobeans between the care of the soul and the care of the sick in mind. With Shakespeare’s insights as a guide we present anthems, motets with strings by Gibbons and others […]

Musicians in Ordinary: Shakespeare’s Sorrows

Heliconian Hall 35 Hazelton Ave, Toronto, Canada

As the culmination of our commemoration, on the anniversary of the death of the Bard we present the thoughts of the fate-crossed Pericles, the comedic Jaques and of course, Hamlet, paired with Dowland’s ayres and his great pavans from Lachrimae, or Seaven Teares for five-part strings and lute. Prof. Seth Lerer reading.