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RSA Sessions at Victoria College

March 17, 2019 at 11:00 am - 5:30 pm

Of particular note for CRRS at RSA 2019 are a series of cosponsored sessions that will be held in various rooms throughout Victoria College on 17 March. The panels are described in detail below, or can be viewed via a downloadable PDF here.

11:00 – 12:30 PM

Between Burgundy and the Empire: Liège and the Arts in the Sixteenth Century I, Victoria College 115
Chair: Krista V. De Jonge, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

“Lambert Lombard and Netherlandish Classicism” – Ethan Matt Kavaler, University of Toronto

“The Intersection of Metalwork and Printmaking in the Art of Lambert Suavius of Liège” – Edward H. Wouk, University of Manchester

“Swabia in Liège: Daniel Mauch and the Reformation of Sculpture” – Elizabeth Rice Mattison, University of Toronto

Diplomatic Petitioning between Christian and Islamic Polities: Commonalities and Contestations (1500-1700), Victoria College 206
Chair & Respondent: Natalie Rothman, University of Toronto

“Between Protection and Imperial Expansion: Maghrebi Petitions to the Spanish and Ottoman Rulers (1500–40)” – Jose Miguel Escribano-Paez, Universidad Pablo de Olavide

“Petitioning the Padishah: Practices of East India Company Diplomacy in Seventeenth-Century Mughal India” – Guido Van Meersbergen, University of Warwick

“Petitioning the Sultan: Dragomans and Everyday Conduct of Diplomacy in Istanbul” – Mariusz Kaczka, European University Institute

New Technologies and Renaissance Studies I: Open, Cooperative Early Modern Scholarship, Victoria College 215
Chair: Laura Estill, St Francis Xavier University

“Building the Digital Renaissance Community through Early Modern Digital Review” – Randa El Khatib, University of Victoria

“Considering Place, Publics, and the Present: Creating Cooperative Spaces for Early Modern Scholars” – Elizabeth Grumbach, Arizona State University

“Making Open Social Scholarship Work” – Raymond G. Siemens, University of Victoria

Roundtable: Between Word and Image: Verbal-Visual Representations in the Historiography of Early Modern Europe, Victoria College 101
Chair: Natalie Oeltjen, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, University of Toronto (CRRS)

Lia Markey, The Newberry Library

Bronwen Wilson, University of California, Los Angeles

Ann Rosalind Jones, Smith College

Eileen A. Reeves, Princeton University

Noa Yaari, York University

The Legacy of Birgitta of Sweden: Women, Politics, and Reform in Renaissance Italy I, Victoria College 212
Chair: Unn Falkeid, University of Oslo
Respondent: Nicholas Terpstra, University of Toronto

“Santa Birgitta in Tuscany” – Jane C. Tylus, New York University

“Prophetic Theology: the Santa Brigida al Paradiso in Florence” – Isabella Gagliardi, University of Florence

“St. Birgitta among the Prophets: The Reception of the Revelationes in Domenica Narducci’s Work” – Eleonora Cappuccilli, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway

The Microhistory of Economic Practices in Italy: Affixing Value in Opaque Markets, Victoria College Alumni Hall
Chair: Laurie Nussdorfer, Wesleyan University
Respondent: Claire Judde de Larivière, Université de Toulouse-Jean Jaurès

“Producing Value: Middling Sort Collectors and Collections in Early Modern Rome” – Renata Ago, Università di Roma La Sapienza

“Second-Hand Dealers and Estimators of Goods in Fifteenth-Century Florence” – Alessia Meneghin, Independent Scholar, London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

“Life and Times in the Rag Trade” – Thomas V. Cohen, York University

Ingenious Jesuits: Prudence and Talents in Jesuit Literature, Regis College Classroom C
Chair: Laura Madella, Università degli Studi Roma Tre

“The Talent of Prudence: Antonio Possevino SJ and the Cultivation of a Temperament” – Cristiano Casalini, Boston College

“Too Much ‘Prudence’: General Claudio Acquaviva Warns the Jesuits against Scrupuli” – Francesco Mattei, Università Roma Tre

“Comparative Analysis of the Rhetoric-Poetic Concept of ‘Prudence’ in Gracián and the Italian Conceptist – Davide Mombelli, Universidad de Alicante


2:00 – 3:30 PM

Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Renaissance Italy I: Gender, Power, and Violence, Victoria College Alumni Hall
Chair: Nicholas Terpstra, University of Toronto

“Sexual Violence in the Sienese State before and after the Fall of the Republic” – Elena Brizio, Georgetown University, Fiesole Campus

“Aesthetics, Dress, and Militant Masculinity in Castiglione’s Courtier” – Gerry P. Milligan, College of Staten Island, CUNY

“The Lord Who Rejected Love or the Griselda Story (X, 10) Reconsidered Yet Again” – Guido Ruggiero, University of Miami

The Artist’s Faculties and the Artistic Process I, Victoria College 101
Colin A. Murray, University of Toronto

Furore Poetico: Donatello’s Labor and Non-Finito in Sixteenth-Century Art Writing” –  Stephen Mack, Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ

“Unveiling Nature from Cennini to Varchi” – Carlotta Paltrinieri, Medici Archive Project, Florence

“What’s the Difference between a Cloud and a Non-Finito? Varchi on Imagination and Emergence” – David Zagoury, Bibliotheca Hertziana, Max-Planck-Institut für Kunstgeschichte, Rome

Between Burgundy and the Empire: Liège and the Arts in the Sixteenth Century II, Victoria College 115
Chair: Ethan Matt Kavaler, University of Toronto

“‘The Brabantine Connexion’: Protagonists and Creation in Liège Early Sixteenth-Century Religious Architecture” – Emmanuel Joly, Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, Brussels

“Precious Metal Effigies and Reliquaries in the Principality of Liege in the Sixteenth Century” – Dominique Allart, Université de Liège

“Urban Palaces of the Renaissance in Liège: New Discoveries” – Caroline Francine Bolle, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and University College London, Leuven (Heverlee)

Roundtable: Pedagogical Perspectives on a Non-Eurocentric Renaissance I, Victoria College 206
Chair: Kaya Şahin, Indiana University

Claire Gilbert, Saint Louis University

Ian Matthew Miller, St. John’s University

The Legacy of Birgitta of Sweden: Women, Politics, and Reform in Renaissance Italy II, Victoria College 212
Chair: Anna Wainwright, University of New Hampshire
Respondent: Marco Faini, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

“Poetry and the Inquisitors: The Case of Vittoria Colonna” – Ramie Targoff, Brandeis University

“‘Consenti, o pia, ch’in lagrimosi carmi’: Angelo Grillo and the Cult of St Bridget – Virginia Cox, New York University

“‘A single fold under one shepherd’: Birgitta of Sweden in Tommaso Campanella’s Monarchia del Messia” – Unn Falkeid, University of Oslo

New Technologies and Renaissance Studies II: @JohnDonne, Victoria College 215
Chair: William R. Bowen, Iter

“ITER and GEMMS: Developing a Community of Sermon Scholars” – Jeanne Shami, University of Regina; & Anne Marie James, University of Regina, Luther College

“Building Research Infrastructure for the Study of Early Modern Literature” – Brent Nelson, University of Saskatchewan

“Mapping the Social Network of John Donne’s Correspondence in Prose and Verse” – Kyle Dase, University of Saskatchewan

The Administration and Reception of the Sacraments in Global Jesuit Missions, Regis College Classroom C
Chair: Simon Ditchfield, University of York

“‘Tanto di Capuccini come di Giesuiti’: Confession, Privileges, and Absolution of Heretics in Sixteenth-Century Savoy-Piedmont – Jessica M. Dalton, Universal Short Title Catalogue Project, University of St Andrews

“Sacramental Priorities: Jesuit Administration and Indigenous Reception of Baptism in Mid-Sixteenth Century Portuguese India” – Bradley Thomas Blankemeyer, University of Oxford

“Obstacle or Inducement to Christianity? Native Perceptions of Marriage at the Jesuit Spanish American Peripheries” – Oriol Ambrogio, King’s College London


4:00 – 5:30 PM

Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Renaissance Italy II: Gender, Desire, and Art, Victoria College Alumni Hall
Chair: Jacqueline Murray, University of Guelph

“The Sausage Wars: Or How Sausage and Carne Battled for Prestige in Renaissance Literature” – Laura Giannetti, University of Miami

“Giovan Battista della Porta’s Erotomanic Art of Recollection” – Sergius Kodera, Universität Wien

“Gianantonio Bazzi, Called ‘il Sodoma’: Homosexuality in Art, Life, and History” – James M. Saslow, Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY

The Artist’s Faculties and the Artistic Process II, Victoria College 101
Chair: Philip Sohm, University of Toronto

“The Concetto of Cellini’s Salt Cellar: Artistic Creation as Procreation” – Beth L. Holman, Independent Scholar, New York, NY

“Artists’ Academies and the Ideation of ‘Divine Things’ in the Age of Reform” – Marsha Libina, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, University of Toronto (CRRS)

“The Temporal Limits of Artistic Invention: ‘Luca Fa Presto’ and the Intelligence of Fast Work” – Tiffany A. Racco, CASVA, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

Between Burgundy and the Empire: Liège and the Arts in the Sixteenth Century III, Victoria College 155
Chair: Dominique Allart, Université de Liège

“Splendorous Strategy, Strategic Splendour: the Cultural Investments of Érard de la Marck, Prince-Bishop of Liège” – Stefaan Grieten, Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven

“Prince-Bishop Érard de la Marck’s Tomb and Its Impact on Netherlandish Sculpture” – Krista V. De Jonge, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

“Abundance, Opulence, and Virtuosity: Stained Glass under the Reign of Érard de la Marck” – Isabelle Jeanne Lecocq, Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, Brussels

Roundtable: Pedagogical Perspectives on a Non-Eurocentric Renaissance II, Victoria College 206
Chair: Natalie Rothman, University of Toronto

Subah Dayal, Tulane University

Julia Schleck, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Tamara Walker, University of Toronto

Decorative Arts in the Early Modern Era and Now, Victoria College 212
Chair: Ulrich Pfisterer, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

“Natural History as Model: Pliny’s Parerga and the Pictorial Arts of Fifteenth-Century Italy” – C. Jean Campbell, Emory University

“Beyond the Materiality: Integrated Iconography from Small Antiquities” – Denise La Monica, Scuola Normal Superiore, Pisa

“Why Care about ‘Polish Carpets’?” – Tomasz Grusiecki, Boise State University

New Technologies and Renaissance Studies III: Collaborations and Communities in Early Modern Scholarship, Victoria College 215
Chair: William R. Bowen Iter

“Iter at 20: A Look Forward” – Michael Ullyot, University of Calgary

“Connecting the Coterie: Linking Women in Early Modern England” – Diane Katherine Jakacki, Bucknell University; & Kimberley Martin, University of Guelph

“Hosting Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts in Bibliotheca Philadelphiensis” – Dot Porter, University of Pennsylvania Libraries

Roundtable: New Directions in Jesuit Studies, Regis College Classroom C
Chair: Robert A. Maryks, Independent Scholar

Paul F. Grendler, University of Toronto, Emeritus

Emanuele Colombo, DePaul University

Alison C. Fleming, Winston-Salem State University

Moshe Sluhovsky, Hebrew University of Jerusalem



March 17, 2019
11:00 am - 5:30 pm
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Renaissance Society of America
Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies


Victoria College
73 Queens Park Crescent
Toronto, Ontario M5R 1K7 Canada
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