Robson Graduate Fellowships

The CRRS offers stipendiary fellowships to graduate students who work in the Centre, assisting readers and taking part in Centre projects. Fellows work one to two shifts per week (shifts are four hours each). Fellows may also apply for financial assistance from the Warkentin Travel Fund during the tenure of their award. Click here to download the CRRS Warkentin Fund application form.

CRRS fellowships are intended in part to foster community at the Centre, so all fellows are expected to engage with their colleagues and events at CRRS, sharing their knowledge and research with other scholars and students.

Who may apply?

Eligibility for Robson Graduate Fellowships is limited to students enrolled in graduate programs at the University of Toronto. Robson Fellows must be ABD doctoral candidates. Candidates should be engaged in Renaissance or Reformation Studies, and have basic computer skills. Knowledge of one or more European languages other than English is helpful.

How do I apply?

To apply for a Robson Fellowship please send a CV and cover letter (approximately one page single-spaced) to the Assistant to the Director at detailing your interests in the Early Modern Period and the CRRS. Please include the contact information for two referees in the CV. At least one referee should be academic (i.e. former professor or supervisor). Please include any additional computer, digital, or design skills you might have, such as/including a facility with design programs or website platforms such as WordPress.

Applications for Robson Fellowships are accepted annually at the end of the Summer session; however, there are no vacancies at this time.