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Essays & Studies was launched in 2002. It publishes peer-reviewed monographs and thematic collections of essays. There are currently over thirty volumes in the series.

Series Editor: Konrad Eisenbichler.

Style sheet for submissions to the series.



  1. I am looking for information on how to secure either a hard copy or a digital copy of “Neo-Latin and the Humanities: Essays in Honour of Charles E. Fantazzi” (Essays & Studies 32). Your help will be appreciated.

    Edward V. George
    Texas Tech University, Classics (Emeritus)
    Former President, American Association for Neo-Latin Studies

    • Dear Edward V. George,

      Apologies for the late response. Unfortunately we do not have digital copies available but you can order a hard copy directly from us either by contacting Publications via email at: or by visiting our webpage and printing then mailing or faxing the PDF order form found at the link at the bottom of the book’s page:

      Hopefully this helps, if you need further assistance do not hesitate to contact us at our info email account at

      All the best,
      CRRS Front Desk Staff

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