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Confraternitas  ISSN 1180-0682

Confraternitas ISSN 1180-0682

Confraternitas is published biannually (Spring and Fall) by the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies for the Society for Confraternity Studies.

Confraternitas is a refereed journal. It welcomes brief articles, news and notes of interest to colleagues, notices of forthcoming conferences or papers, and general queries. Contributors are asked to use the A style of the Chicago Manual of Style.

Offprints and publications dealing with European confraternities in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance received by Confraternitas are listed under the “Publications Received” rubric and then deposited into the Confraternities Collection at the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies (Toronto).

Editor: Konrad Eisenbichler
Assistant Editor: Dylan Reid

Address communications, publications for review, and manuscripts to:
The Editors
c/o CRRS
Victoria University in the University of Toronto
71 Queen’s Park Cres.
Toronto, Canada M5S 1K7

Tel: (416) 585-4486; fax: (416) 585-4584

e-mail: Konrad Eisenbichler

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Confraternitas, volume 24, no. 2 (Fall 2013), contents:

“‘To Live Piously and To Help the Needy Poor': The Consortium of S. Alessandro in Colonna, in Bergamo,” Christopher Carlsmith and Louisa Foroughi. Pp. 3-32.

Thesis Abstract:
“Charity and the Economy of Power: The Ospedale di Santa Maria della Scala and Siena’s Network of Charity in the Sixteenth Century,” Sarah Marianne Loose. Pp. 33-34.

News: pp. 35-42.

– Dickstein-Bernard, Claire. Le livre de la Confrérie de Saint-Jacques d’Overmolen à Bruxelles (1357-1419). Fontes Bruxellae, 1. Bruxelles: Archives de la ville de Bruxelles / Archief van de stad Brussel, 2005. Review by Dylan Reid. (P. 43)

– Lennon, Colm, ed. Confraternities and Sodalities in Ireland. Charity, Devotion, and Sociability. Blackrock, Ireland: The Columbia Press / Dufour Editions, 2012. Review by Konrad Eisenbichler. (Pp. 43-45)

– Terpstra, Nicholas, Adriano Prosperi, and Stefania Pastore, eds. Faith’s Boundaries: Laity and Clergy in Early Modern Confraternities. Europa sacra, 6. Turnhout: Brepols, 2012. Review by Elena Brizio. (Pp. 45-46)

– Wisch, Barbara and Nerida Newbigin. Acting on Faith. The Confraternity of the Gonfalone in Renaissance Rome. Early Modern Catholocism and the Visual Arts Series, 7. Philadelphia: St. Joseph’s University Press, 2012. Review by Konrad Eisenbichler. (Pp. 47-48)

Books Received: (pp. 49-50)


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