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Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies

Victoria University in the University of Toronto

CRRS Conferences

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2015-2016 Conference, organized in conjunction with the Northrop Frye Centre, Victoria University, University of Toronto.

2017 Conference: Global Reformations.


The Canada Milton Seminar


Netherlandish Sculpture Colloquium: Plastic, present (2015), 20-21 March 2015.

Rethinking Early Modernity: Methodological and Critical Innovation since the Ritual Turn, 26-27 June 2014

Netherlandish Culture of the Sixteenth Century: An Interdisciplinary Conference, 19-20 October 2012.

Early Modern Migrations: Exiles, Expulsion, & Religious Refugees 1400-1700, 19-21 April 2012.

Friendship in Premodern Europe (1300-1700), 14-15 October 2011

Rethinking Early Modern Print Culture, 22-24 October 2010.

To Have and To Hold: Marriage in Pre-Modern Europe (1200-1700), 16-17 October 2009.

Instituting Calvin: Society, Culture and Diaspora, 18-21 June 2009.

The Devil in Society in the Pre-Modern World, 17-18 October 2008.

North American Association for the Study of Welsh Culture and History, 31 July-2 August 2008.

Faith and Fantasy in the Early Modern World, 19-20 October 2007.

Renaissance Medievalisms, 6-7 October 2006.

Creating Women: Notions of Femininity from 1350 to 1700, 11-13 November 2005.

Metamorphosis: The Changing Face of Ovid in Medieval and Early Modern Europe 11-12 March, 2005.

Negotions between Oral and Written Traditions 26 February, 2005.

Athletes and Athletics, 1000-1650 A.D., June 17-19, 2004.

France in Italy / La France dans l’Italie (Francais | English) 7 February, 2003.

The Fall of Troy in the Renaissance Imagination 4-5 October, 2002.

The Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies 26-28 May 2002.

The Renaissance in the Nineteenth Century / Le 19e si├Ęcle renaissant 4-6 October, 2001.

Shell Games: Scams, Fraud and Deceits (1300-1650) 28-29 April, 2001.