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Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies

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The Canada Milton Seminar

Illustration for John Milton’s Paradise Lost by Gustave Doré, 1866. Wikimedia Commons.


The aim of the Canada Milton Seminar is to provide a focus in the form of an annual meeting for scholars, especially Canadian scholars, working not only on Milton but on early modern literature and culture in general. At the annual general meeting, held after each seminar, members share ideas on how the CMS can continue to develop. Lunch is served to all registrants, and the gathering ends with a banquet. For more information about the seminar, please contact Professor Paul Stevens.

Upcoming Seminar

This year’s Canada Milton Seminar XIII is on 20-21 April 2018. Click here for  program and accommodation details or to register visit

For general tips on accommodation, travel, and dining, please click here.


Past Seminars

The Canada Milton Seminar XII, 12-13 May 2017.

The Canada Milton Seminar XI, 13-14 May 2016.

The Canada Milton Seminar X, 22-23 May 2015.

The Canada Milton Seminar IX, 9-10 May 2014.

The Canada Milton Seminar VIII, 13-14 April 2012.

The Canada Milton Seminar VII, 23 April 2011.

The Canada Milton Seminar VI, 15 May 2010.

The Canada Milton Seminar V, 25 April 2009.

The Canada Milton Seminar IV, 3 May 2008.

The Canada Milton Seminar III, 5 May 2007.

The Canada Milton Seminar II, 22 April 2006.

The Canada Milton Seminar I, 16 April 2005.