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Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies

Victoria University in the University of Toronto

Rethinking Early Modernity: Methodological and Critical Innovation since the Ritual Turn

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Methodological and Critical Innovation
since the Ritual Turn

A conference in Honor of Edward Muir

25-27 June 2014
Victoria University in the University of Toronto

The Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary with a conference in honour of Edward Muir, whose innovative studies of Venetian politics and culture helped to establish cultural anthropology and ritual as major analytical frameworks for scholarship on early modern European history. Building from Muir’s contribution to the field, the conference hopes to focus on the significance of the methodological changes that have characterized early modern research in history, literature and art history over the last thirty years and to reflect upon how these changes have affected our understanding of the importance of the period.

Conference Information:

The list of distinguished speakers includes: Edward Muir ǀ Natalie Zemon Davis ǀ Peter Arnade ǀ Albert Russell Ascoli ǀ Caroline Castiglione ǀ Patricia Fortini Brown ǀ Paul Grendler ǀ James Hankins ǀ Richard Kagan ǀ Susan Karant-Nunn ǀ Thomas Laqueur ǀ Regina Schwarz ǀ John Martin ǀ Guido Ruggiero ǀ Ethan Shagan


This conference was made possible through the generous support of several institutions. We gratefully acknowledge major contributions from:

  • the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada,
  • the Harvard University Center for Renaissance Studies-Villa I Tatti, and
  • the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies.

We also gratefully acknowledge the support of:

  • the Toronto Renaissance and Reformation Colloquium,
  • Northwestern University‘s Department of French and Italian, Department of History, and the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences,
  • York University‘s Department of Humanities, Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, History Department, Glendon History Department, Provost’s Office, LA&PS Outreach Fund, and VPRI Event Fund, and
  • University of Toronto‘s Fisher Rare Book Library, History Department, School of Graduate Studies, and the Emilio Goggio Chair in Italian Studies.

For further information, please contact the conference organizers, Mark Jurdjevic and Rolf Strom-Olsen, at


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