Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies

Victoria University in the University of Toronto


CRRS Fellows

Dr. Marvin Lee Anderson

“Exile, Expulsion, and Religious Refugees in the Early Modern World”

Dr. Kenneth Borris (McGill, English)

“Spenser and Literary Platonism in Early Modern Europe”

Dr. Bryan Brazeau

“The Better Fortitude Unsung: Christian Epic Heroes in Sixteenth-Century Italy”

Dr. Elena Brizio

“Women’s Inheritance Rights in Early Modern Europe”

Dr. Alexander D. Campbell

“Irenic Thought in Seventeenth-Century Britain”

Dr. John Christopoulos

“Bodies of Crime in Late Renaissance Italy”

Dr. Trevor Cook (Trent, English)

“Collaborative Authorship in Early Modern England”

Daniel K. Donnelly

“The Parodist’s Toolbox: Modular Manipulation in Text and Music”

Dr. Jason Dyck

“The ‘Spiritual Conquest’ Retold: Multiethnic Missionaries in the Early Modern Spanish World”

Dr. Anna Maria Grossi

“The Canzoniere of Leone Orsini (1512-64), Paris, BN, MS Italien 1535″

Dr. Joseph Hammond

“A Pre-History of Portraiture: Venice 1300-1550”

Dr. Peter Hughes

Translation and analysis of: Michael Servetus, De Trinitatis erroribus (1531); Servetus, Christianismi restitutio (1553); Sozzini, Brevis explicatio (c. 1560)

Dr. Bronwyn Johnston

“The Devil in the Detail: Demons and Demonology on the Early Modern Spanish Stage”

Dr. Rosalind Kerr

A translated and edited edition of Scala’s Il finto marito (1618)

Dr. Hyun-Ah Kim (Trinity College, University of Toronto)

Musica Humana: Singing in Renaissance Platonism”

Dr. Milton Kooistra (Redeemer University College, History)

“The Correspondence of Wolfgang Capito, Volume 4 (1536-1541)”

Dr. Walter Roy Laird

“The Renaissance of Mechanics” (Carleton University)

Dr. David Lawrence (Glendon College, York U, History)

“Urban Militarism and Civic Military Performance in Provincial English Towns, 1620-1642”

Dr. Isabelle Lecocq

“Étude des vitraux continentaux de la cathédrale de Lichfield (GB) (2010-2016)”; “Le plaisir et la norme. Réflexions autour des dispositifs architecturaux et ornementaux développés pendant la Renaissance dans les anciens Pays-Bas méridionaux”

Dr. Sarah Loose

“Charity, Economics and Power: The Grance and Spedali di Fuori of the Ospedale di Santa Maria della Scala, 1500-1630″

Joanna Ludwikowska

“Crime and Punishment: aspects of Otherness and traces of late medieval religiosity in the literature of seventeenth century Puritan communities in England and America”

Nicole Lyon (University of Cincinnati)

“Changing Time(s): Perceiving and Experiencing the Calendar Year in Early Modern Germany”

Dr. Dylan Reid

“Literary Associations and Civic Corporate Culture in Medieval and Early Modern Europe”

Dr. Sarah Rolfe Prodan

“Michelangelo’s Christian Mysticism”

Dr. Luke Roman

“Humanist Topographies: Villas, Gardens, and Landscape in Latin Poetry of the Italian Renaissance (1460-1530)”

Dr. Jonathan Seiling

“The Trials of Anabaptists in the Veneto”

Dr. Anne-Marie Sorrenti

“Public and Private in the Writings of Leon Battista Alberti”

Dr. Rolf Strom-Olsen

“Narrative, Spectacle and Politics in Late Medieval Burgundy”


Distinguished Senior Fellows

James Carscallen (Emeritus, Toronto, English)
Edmund Spenser and Seventeenth-Century Devotional Poetry

James Estes (Emeritus, Toronto, History)
Church and state in the thought of the German Reformers; the correspondence of Erasmus

F. David Hoeniger (Emeritus, Toronto, English)
Sixteenth-century drama and poetry; early printed herbals

John McClelland (Emeritus, Toronto, French)
Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance Sport; Rabelais and Montaigne; Rhetorical and Textual Criticism.

Germaine Warkentin (Emeritus, Toronto, English)
Petrarch; the Sidney family 1552-1743; book history 1300-1800; Canada before 1759