Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, Victoria University in the University of Toronto


Past Directors

F. David Hoeniger (1964-69, 1975-79)
Harry R. Secor (1969-75)
James M. Estes (1979-85)
Germaine Warkentin (1985-90)
Konrad Eisenbichler (1990-2000)
William R. Bowen (2000-05)
Olga Pugliese (2005-09)
Jane Couchman (Acting Director, 2009-10)
Lynne Magnusson (2009-2014)

Past Associate Directors

John Webster Grant (1968-69, 1974-75)
F. David Hoeniger (1970-71)
Harry R. Secor (1976)
Germaine Warkentin (1979-85)
Kenneth Bartlett (1985-88)
Konrad Eisenbichler (1988-89)
James M. Estes (1990-95)
William R. Bowen (1995-2000)
Nicholas Terpstra (2000-09)
Matt Kavaler (2011-Present)

Past Assistants to the Director

This position has changed over the years, beginning as part-time secretary and subsequently changing to Chief Assistant (1976), Curator (1978), and finally, Assistant to the Director (2002).

A.G. Reynolds (1968-69, 1973-74)
Shirley Vincent (1969-73)
Paul Agius (1972-73)
Bev Jahnke (1974)
Sandra Walker (1973-74)
Carla Salvador (1975-76)
Anne McWhir (1976)
Janis Svilpis (1976-79)
Konrad Eisenbichler (1979-85)
Jacqueline Murray (1985-87)
Lesley Cormack (1987-89)
Jacqueline Glomski (1989-90)
David Galbraith (1990-93)
Joseph Black (1993-97)
Michael Milway (1997-2000)
Victor Thiessen (2000-01)
Margaret Reeves (2001-02)
Kim Yates (2002-08)
Stephanie Treloar (2008-11)
Amyrose McCue Gill (2011-2012)
Linda Gail Stone (2012-2013)
Natalie Oeltjen (2013-present)

For more information, please see James M. Estes’s The First Forty Years: A Brief History of the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, 1964-2004

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