Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, Victoria University in the University of Toronto

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The main aim of the CRRS site is to provide the community with information about the Centre’s resources, events, and publications. Since much of this information changes on a regular basis with new events announced each week during our busy academic year and new books arriving regularly a transition to a more dynamic site that allowed for more interaction with our users became necessary.

Finding information on our site has never been easier. The search bar on the top right-hand corner is a quick way to find what you are looking for. The home page includes lists on the right side of our featured events, our most recent publications as well as our featured rare book of the month. Recent news appears in the centre of the page.

One new development on the site is the possibility of subscribing to our RSS feeds to get our news as soon as it is available. Commonly used to keep up to date with the content of news sites and blogs, RSS offer a practical way of quickly navigating through all your favourite sites. Learn more about RSS feeds here and here.

As with any move, there is bound to be a lot of tidying up and redecorating. We welcome your feedback through the comment box below.